Boulevard "Aleksandar Makedonski" 18

Workshops: 24000m2
Store yards: 8000m2
14 Overhead cranes of 10-40 tons capacity
▶Lathes      9 machines
▶Horizontal boring machines  -     5 machines
▶Horizontal boring machine SHKODA 
▶Long stroke planning machine
▶Carousel lathe
▶Grinding machines for sliding guides   2 machines
▶Universal grinding machines for circular grinding      3 machines
▶Grinding machines     2 machines
▶Processing centers     3 machines
▶Lathe centers     3 machines
▶Machine for depth drilling
▶Universal milling cutters     3 machines
▶CNC drilling machines
▶Pressing machine
▶Radial drilling machines
▶7 x CNC machines for cutting sheet metals with plasma and gas up to a thickness of 200 mm black steel and 50 mm Stainless steel
▶CNC machine for automatic preparation of pipe ends with a maximum diameter of 600mm
▶Machine for circular bending of sheet metals and profiles with maximum thickness of 80 mm at 3000 mm width
▶Three numerical machines for machining of parts with working space from 2500 mm to 10500 mm
▶CNC drilling machine for plates and profiles Voortman VB1250.