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FAKOM AD - Skopje was founded in 1960 for the needs of the construction and maintenance of "Mines and Ironworks Skopje"- Skopje. Very soon it outgrew its role and began to work for clients in former Yugoslavia and abroad (Iraq, the former USSR, Vietnam, Lebanon, Cameroon and most of the European countries). As one of the largest capacities in the region, in 1982 it separated in an independent organization.

FAKOM managed to overcome all the critical moments which were a consequence of the breakdown of former Yugoslavia and the market, the embargo of Greece (1994-95), the crisis in Serbia (1999), the conflict in Macedonia (2001) and adapting ''on the way" it performed a transformation into a market-oriented company, permanently increasing its annual production. In 2006, a transformation in the ownership structure was performed, and in 2007 organizational and structural changes were also made.

The basic activities of FAKOM AD are production and services in the field of metal working industry and include: