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AD “FAKOM” establishes this quality and environmental policy for the sake of securing the products and the services that it delivers to its customers, to fully meet their demands and to be in conformity with the valid legal provisions and national and international standards. AD “FAKOM” takes care of the environment and it has established all the aspects and influences on the environment, and it manages them in accordance with the requirements of the environment management system and the legal provisions.

Aiming towards the needs of the customers and the customers’ satisfaction from the executed work are the most important values according to which AD “FAKOM” measures and determines its whole successfulness. We dedicate a special commitment to preserving the biological and ecological values of the environment, enforcing preventive measures for environmental protection.

In order to achieve, maintain and strengthen those values, we permanently oblige ourselves:

    To employ qualified and ambitious people that will have the possibilities and an
    obligation to constantly develop and improve themselves
    To supply cutting edge information and communication resources as well as other
    equipment, infrastructure and friendly working environment
    To nurture and develop partner relations with the suppliers
    To offer the customers optimal and complete solutions
    To realize solutions which completely support the requests and needs of the
    Continuous execution of the activities and tasks so that the environment pollution is
    Cooperation and openness with all interested parties
    To apply and improve the efficacy of the quality and environment management
    system based on the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2008
    and ISO 14001:2004 and to strive for surpassing the level of those requirements
    To set ambitious, measurable and achievable quality and environmental goals

Every employee of the company must be familiar with the quality and environmental policy, to understand it and accept it as a permanent principle in their own working.

The quality and environmental policy is also issued as an independent document which is signed by the company’s manager. It has a status of a managed document.