Boulevard "Aleksandar Makedonski" 18

А. Market strategy

Vigorous approach, following the boom on the market of the metalworking industry:

    Monitoring and offering operative assistance to the clients, starting from the idea to the complete realization of the projects;
    Positive operative contacts with financial institutions and investment funds in the country and abroad;
    Covering of all the interesting market areas with the concept of the company;
    Permanent presentation of the personnel, and technical and technological potentials of the company;
    Permanent innovating of the know-how and the skills, technical and technological promotion of the production processes by taking part in seminars, workshops, conferences, visiting specialized fairs, …

B. Competitive advantage

On the domestic market, the company practically does not have any equal concerning larger, more demanding and more responsible works, which require highest skills and quality, application of world standards and possession of internationally recognized certificates.
FAKOM AD permanently develops and promotes its competitive advantages that it has in the former Yugoslav republics and the neighbouring countries.
FAKOM AD is the best choice for every client in the field of heavy industry (metallurgy, refineries, cement factories, steam power plants), large building structures (production workshops, gyms, stadiums), bridges and special structures (silos, tanks, dampers, hydro-technical equipment and pipelines), etc.