Boulevard "Aleksandar Makedonski" 18

Production of all kinds of steel structures for the needs of the public sector and the industry, based mostly in the hot-rolled sheet metals from the production programme of "MAKSTIL", as well as alloyed steel sheet metals, hot-rolled profiles, tubular profiles, galvanized and plastic-coated sheet metals etc.

The production programme includes:

•  Automatically welded T, AT, H, L beams for the needs of the market and shipbuilding,
•  Steel structures for industrial facilities, production workrooms and warehouses, public buildings, gyms, stadiums etc.
•  Road and railway bridges;
•  Mining equipment for open-cast mine - mining machines and conveyor belts;
•  Equipment for steam and hydroelectric plants;
•  Metallurgy equipment;
•  Fuel tanks and tanks for other liquid and gas fluids;
•  Silos for granular and powdery materials;
•  Processing equipment for the cement industry, the chemical industry and other industries;
•  Profiled sheet metals, low-tension electrodes, guard rails for roads, etc.

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